The Wi-Fi application has revealed 2 million network passwords

The Wi-Fi application has revealed 2 million network passwords

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Thousands of users using it to find Wi-Fi access points are often shared without doubt by the owner. A popular Android application for Wi-Fi access points near the user’s device has detected nearly 2 million wireless network passwords.

An unnamed program is used by thousands of users around the world, according to TechCrunch. Additionally, application users can load passwords from their already known access points, enabling other people to connect to wireless networks.

It appears that the database in which the password for Wi-Fi access is stored is not protected. This way, each user can download all the information contained. An unprotected base was discovered by security expert Sanyam Jane, who for more than two weeks failed to contact developers to report the problem.

After all, the researcher has established a relationship with the owner of the cloud space in which the password base is stored. Application users are notified of the problem and the database itself is closed. Each base entry contains information about the exact location of the access point, network name, service identifier (BSSID), and network connection password.

The app description describes that users can access public access points for Wi-Fi. However, in practice, most of the base consists of home wireless networks.

The Wi-Fi application has revealed 2 million network passwords

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