The US will soon swallow Nokia and Ericsson

The US will soon swallow Nokia and Ericsson

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U.S. Attorney William Bar said the United States and allies should consider acquiring a “controlling stake” in Nokia and Ericsson to develop 5G networks against China’s Huawei, according to a Reuters publication.

Thanks to the huge US market and financial support, one of these companies, or both, will become stronger competitors and eliminate concerns about their sustainability, the prosecutor said.

According to him, if it establishes exclusive dominance in the 5G sector, China will control the opportunities arising from the development of new technologies related to 5G.

In terms of national security, if the industrial Internet becomes dependent on Chinese equipment, China will actually be able to exclude other countries from technologies that affect not only consumers but also industry, warns William Bar.

According to him, the US can buy shares in Nokia and Ericsson directly or by creating a consortium with partners.

The Attorney General also called on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to quickly issue licenses for “C band” mobile frequencies, one of the frequency packages that can be used to deploy fifth generation networks.

Following the announcement of William Bar, Nokia and Ericsson prices rose 6.1% and 4.2% respectively. In the last 12 months, the securities of the Finnish company have fallen by 25% and Ericsson’s shares have fallen by 1.1%.

The US will soon swallow Nokia and Ericsson

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