The US temporarily released Huawei loop

The US temporarily released Huawei loop

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The US government has temporarily weakened the trade restrictions imposed on Chinese Huawei, the technology diva Huawei, temporarily prevented by US government sanctions to serve its US customers. This decision dictates concerns for US business customers.

The Department of Commerce issued Huawei a temporary license until August 19, which will allow her to buy US products to support the work of existing US networks and update her smartphone software, Reuters reported.

At the same time, however, the ban on the world’s largest supplier of telecommunications equipment to purchase US components for the production of new products remains without special approval by the regulator.

According to US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Row, the license gives time to American telecommunications operators and other companies using Huawei’s equipment to handle the situation.

In short, “this license will enable existing users to continue to work with Huawei mobile phones and serve broadband networks in rural areas,” Ross said.

The US temporarily released Huawei loop

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