The United States introduces artificial intelligence to combatants

The United States introduces artificial intelligence to combatants

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The idea is to replace pilots with close combat In artificial battle maneuvers artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence cannot yet be defeated in the actual combat environment but should strive for it, say the US Agency for Military Progress DARPA.

At high speeds under heavy load conditions, a pilot in a fighter cabin is vulnerable to physical and mental limitations but remains the only successful fighter plane. However, the current conditions for accelerated battles require a change of this rule.

A close combat that requires maximum concentration and pilot reaction should be automated by assigning the task to artificial intelligence. DARPA launches Air Combat Evolution (ACE) program, aimed at training artificial intelligence to conduct aerial combat in the field of visual contact, the agency said.

ACE is part of the second, larger Pentagon program – the Mosaic War. This concept implies co-ordinated pilot, semi-automatic and automatic action of pilots and unmanned combat platforms. According to the ACE program, pilots can run a strategic, rather than tactical, combat management.

In this way, the pilot will issue commands only for the accompanying unmanned aircraft and will generally run the battle as long as the combat autopilot of his machine does not start maneuvering to defeat the enemy.

Training in Artificial Intelligence in a combat maneuver like that of a pilot and is done with the help of experienced instructors, starting from the basis of maneuvering. The instructors monitor autonomous aircraft, identify deficiencies, and report on their successes.

Despite a large number of incoming data on changes, air battles are subject to a limited set of rules dictated by aerodynamics and aircraft technical characteristics. According to experts, this facilitates the development of artificial intelligence to maintain close combat.

The United States introduces artificial intelligence to combatants

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