The three software companies have the most promising stocks

The three software companies have the most promising stocks

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Investors need to be more picky about handling software company stocks after the rapid rise in their quotas in 2019, Morgan Stanley analysts say. They point to three software vendors worth investing in: Adobe, Salesforce, and Microsoft.

“Adobe has one of the strongest positions in the software market because the company is making money from the ongoing transition from marketing to digital,” says Morgan Stanley analyst Keith Weiss.

Adobe shares are projected to reach $ 410 in cash. They were worth $ 344.94 on Monday, January 13th, up 1.5% from their previous trade.

Talking to Salesforce, Kate Weiss points out that the company has a cloud platform that automates and optimizes all stages of customer service. Thanks to this solution, Salesforce will increase its revenue, which in turn will boost securities appreciation.

As of January 13 this year. Salesforce stock was trading at $ 183.99, up 2.1% from the previous session. Morgan Stanley believes the company’s stock prices will go up to $ 216.

As for Microsoft, Morgan Stanley analysts forecast that the company will grow to $ 189. On January 13, one Microsoft stock was worth $ 162.86 (+ 0.9% down from the previous trading session).

“In an IT environment, with conversations moving from the public cloud to the hybrid architecture where companies leverage on-premises resources and public cloud services, Microsoft has become the best technology company for long-term investment,” says Kate Weiss.

According to her, in terms of market value and revenue ratio, the choice of software companies to invest in seems “rich”. However, if we compare capitalization and free cash flow, then stocks should be carefully selected and a closer look at stocks from Adobe, Salesforce and Microsoft, she adds.

Bank of America believes that key themes in the global software market in 2020 will be related to the increasing spread of artificial intelligence and adaptation to companies after major acquisitions. Among software companies whose stocks may be the most attractive to investors this year, experts are reiterating Adobe, Microsoft and Salesforce.

The three software companies have the most promising stocks

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