The State Duma said that cryptocurrency can ruin Russia

The State Duma said that cryptocurrency can ruin Russia

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Cryptocurrency contributes to the withdrawal of capital from the Russian budget to offshore, and if they appeared in the 1990s, Russia would have “completely ruined”.

This was stated by the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship Nikolai Arefyev during a press conference organized by the NSN.

In particular, Arefyev said that since 1994, 210 trillion rubles had been withdrawn from Russia, and if Bitcoin had already appeared then these numbers would have been many times more significant.

“If the cryptocurrency would then work, we would be completely ruined today, because all financial flows, and we are tied to offshore thorough, would have been taken out of Russia. And Russia would have ended, because it is precisely this cryptocurrency that was created so that the state does not control financial flows, ”said Arefyev.

Moreover, he is convinced that the cryptocurrency was created precisely with the aim of hiding offshore money from state control and conducting transactions between participants, bypassing tax inspections.

“Then, when we created this system, it turned out, why not build it on the principle of an ordinary bank with interest, with exchange trading. As a result, we got what is today called Bitcoin.

Recall that it was Arefyev who previously proposed to ban cryptocurrency not only in Russia, but throughout the world, and those who are engaged in its distribution, to be prosecuted as speculators.

The State Duma said that cryptocurrency can ruin Russia

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