The state can support business on 5G projects

The state can support business on 5G projects

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These are lines to remote and sparsely populated areas. The state would support businesses in building high-capacity communication lines to remote and sparsely populated areas, said Rosen Zhelyazkov.

Using 5G networks will increase the range of services in all sectors of society, said Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Rosen Zhelyazkov in a forum on the role of government in promoting innovation.

The Minister was convinced that the implementation of 5G would have a significant impact on business and the social sphere. He stressed the need to provide sufficient radio frequency spectrum and to facilitate the implementation of mobile networks.

“Changing laws that facilitate the construction of small cells, as well as replacing fifth-generation quick access equipment, is an important step in overcoming some of the obstacles operators face,” Zhelyazkov said. more on 5G networks launched in Bulgaria 2020.

5G projects in the region will be funded under the EU 5G network program will reach maturity in three years Governments commit to 5G networks of municipalities and public authorities. It is no coincidence that a directive has been adopted at European level to facilitate the use and use of electronic communications networks, “he added.

For several years, the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communication has been involved in the process of introducing the requirements of this directive into the Electronic Communications Networks and Physical Infrastructure Act. According to him, an important element of the cost of 5G networks is the cost of acquiring the appropriate radio frequencies.

The state plays an important role in enhancing digital skills, and this purely social element is essential for the new ecosystem of which 5G is part, said Rosen Zhelazkov.
The state can support business on 5G projects

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