The self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin Craig Wright went to war against the community

The self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin Craig Wright went to war against the community

The self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin Craig Wright went to war against the community

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The self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin Craig Wright went to war against the community Australian scientist and entrepreneur Craig Wright, who persistently continues to argue that he is the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, confirmed his intention to sue Twitter Hodlonaut with a lawsuit on the protection of honor and dignity, and offered a reward of 5,000 Bitcoin SV (about $ 355,000) for information that will help in his identification. Further developments turned out to be quite unexpected and continues to be one of the hottest topics for debate.

Recall that it was Hodlonaut that a while ago launched the global Lightning Torch campaign on Twitter, in which users send bitcoin payments to each other through the Lightning Network, each time increasing the transaction size by 10,000 Satoshi. This kind of relay is designed to show the potential of technology to the general public, and many of its participants call themselves Bitcoin-maximalists. It is clear that Hodlonaut also belongs to this circle, who in his tweets repeatedly called Craig Wright a “fraudster”.

In such rhetoric, however, he is not alone (the hashtag #CraigWrightIsAFraud, and the nickname Faketoshi has been accompanying Craig Wright for a long time), however, it seems that it turned out to be the loudest in its claims to the Australian. At least, it was Hodlonaut who once launched the mentioned hashtag, he also often called Wright a “pathetic scammer”.

On Thursday, April 11, CoinGeek wrote that in late March, Wright’s lawyers had prepared a statement of claim against Hodlonaut, which states that the entrepreneur does not intend to tolerate a “targeted campaign” of humiliation and “extremely offensive and insulting his dignity” tweets. The documents also say that Craig Wright is really Satoshi Nakamoto, the author of white paper Bitcoin, the sender of the first transaction to Hal Finney in January 2009, and ultimately the person who played the key role in the development of cryptocurrency.

The publication itself, meanwhile, gave an “orientation” to Hodlonaut – by publishing its supposed photos (without a face), on which extensive tattoos are visible, the author of the material Bill Beatty wrote that Hodlonaut intends to attend the Baltic Honeybadger conference in Riga in September of this year and suggested looking for him among people “with a deflated sleeves.” It is also said that Hodlonaut presumably resides in Norway. Events, however, took an unexpected turn when one of Wright’s supporters (@NicoThomas_ on Twitter), having conducted his own investigation, found the person who wrote on behalf of Hodlonaut and posted his personal data, including his home address (afterwards his tweets @NicoThomas_ removed “under lock and key”). Soon after, Hodlonaut deactivated your Twitter account.

The bitcoin community instantly reacted to this development of events, not only expressing outrage at the fact that the user’s personal data were disclosed, but also starting to change their user names to “Hodlonaut”, and avatars to the image of a cat in a spacesuit. The screen that the President of the International Blockchain Real Estate Association, Ragnar Liftrasir, fully explains, is how massive the turnaround this unique flash mob takes: the list of users offered for reading consists entirely of Hodlonaut nicknames. – Ragnar Lifthrasir ? (@Ragnarly) April 11, 2019 Well-known bitcoin developer Jameson Lopp, meanwhile, quoted the author of the work “Black Swan” by Nassim Taleb: don’t pay attention. “If you see fraud and do not say fraud, you are a fraud.” – @nntaleb – Jameson Lopp (@lopp) April 11, 2019 “Pay attention not only to those who commit fraud, but also to those who stand by and silently watch. If you see fraud and do not say that it is a fraud, but you yourself are a fraud. ”

The Bitcoin Magazine edition (temporarily become Hodlonaut Magazine), meanwhile, announced that it received from the law firm SCA ONTIER LLP., Which represents the interests of Craig Wright, copies of those statements of claim. Hodlonaut for libel after the letter #LNTrustChain Wright is not Satoshi.#WeAreAllHodlonaut#bitcoin – Hodlonaut Magazine (@BitcoinMagazine) April 11, 2019 They, in particular, require Hodlonaut to publicly reject his claims that Wright is a fraud, and to apologize to him.

The publication also notes that in these documents, which it received through Twitter, contains the full name of Hodlonaut, his home address and email. Even more incredibly, the prepared text of the apology, which, as Wright’s lawyers insist, should bring to Hodlonaut, looks like: “I was mistaken when I said that Craig Wright was cheating when he declared Satoshi. I admit that he is Satoshi. I apologize, Dr. Wright. This will not happen again. ” ***************** It’s no secret that there have always been differences within the Bitcoin community.

These differences reached a new level with the advent of Bitcoin Cash in the summer of 2017, and then the Bitcoin SV project which had separated from it. However, no matter how hot the debates were, they still have not crossed the line when the physical persecution of people begins. Recent events say that we are entering a new and unexplored territory. It’s been a whole day since I’ve seen my cat 🙁 – Candleonaut?️ ⚡ (@CandleHater) April 11, 2019 ForkLog continues to monitor developments. Subscribe to our newsletter in Twitter!

The self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin Craig Wright went to war against the community


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