The reliability of hard drives increases

The reliability of hard drives increases

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This is what Regular Backblaze Storage Show reports: Hard drive reliability has risen since 2013. In recent years, hard drives have become more reliable, claims Backblaze’s hard drive storage company in Computer Centers.

The report for the first quarter of 2019 included 104,130 hard drives. This problem does not include HDD systems and test models available in small series of less than 45 units. Statistics allow comparison of HDD data from April 2013.

Report authors emphasize that the reliability of hard drives is increasing steadily, as shown in the HDD failure chart. Backblaze reports hard drive defects. The data being shipped mainly to the hard drives of Seagate and HGST.

Toshiba and WDC devices are not included in the analysis because Backblaze uses a small number of HDDs from these manufacturers. Although the trend of increasing reliability of hard drives since 2013 is obvious, statistics for the last four quarters alone show a certain increase in Seagate’s failure.

The reliability of hard drives increases

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