The Raspberry Pi 4 overclocked record highs

The Raspberry Pi 4 overclocked record highs

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However, extra cooling is required Raspberry Pi 4 can be clocked at up to 2,147 GHz, Alternative Computers and other devices. Recently, the new Raspberry Pi 4 has come out, which is significantly more productive than its predecessor.

But if that’s not enough, you can make the Raspberry Pi 4 even faster by increasing the clock speed. more about Raspberry Pi 4 produces 4K video on two monitors Single-chip microcomputers are easy to overclock, and the latest Raspberry Pi 4 firmware allows for an increase in processor clock speed from 1.5 to 2.147 GHz.

In the previous firmware, the maximum frequency was 2 GHz. The GPU was overclocked at 750 MHz versus 600 MHz on previous firmware and 500 MHz base value, Tom Hardware experiment reported.

It is true that the Raspberry Pi 4 itself is over-heated with such overclocking, so active cooling (or rather massively passive) is required. Overclocking, of course, had a positive impact on productivity.

In Linpack tests, the microcomputer achieved a score of 1280 MFLOPS, 46.6% higher than the Raspberry Pi 4 at normal speeds.

The Raspberry Pi 4 overclocked record highs

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