The photos reveal the design of OnePlus 7

The photos reveal the design of OnePlus 7

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The Chinese manufacturer is expected to present its first smartphone with support for 5G technology by the end of this quarter. The name of the device is not yet confirmed, but it will almost certainly be OnePlus 7.

The premiere will be before the end of June, which led many analysts to predict that this model will be the first OneGuest 5G smartphone. Photographs that reveal his design leaked on the Internet.

Our images show that the OnePlus 7 will have a pad without a pad, offering one of the industry’s best indicators next to the screen. The new model will also have a dedicated camera that is mobile and can be placed in the trunk when it is not in use.

This ensures maximum space in front of the front and eliminates the need to use the blade on top or to punch the hole on the screen, reports BGR.

However, the design solution can make it harder for the OnePlus 7 cases and other accessories. In the back there is a triple camera with a fingerprint sensor built into the screen itself. The lack of a classic 3.5mm audio jack is noticeable.

At this point, these are all the details we are working on for the device. All you have to do is understand when the official premiere will be and what will be the price of the smartphone on the European market.

The photos reveal the design of OnePlus 7

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