The photos reveal how Sharp will look like a smartphone

The photos reveal how Sharp will look like a smartphone

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Flexible display devices for years are one of the biggest innovations in the mobile industry and offer brand new entertainment options. We have already seen the first concepts of such designs, as the number of producers who are interested in them will continue to increase.

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Sharp is also a patented innovative smartphone with a versatile display that has a unique design and now we understand a little more details about its vision.


The patent itself is registered with the USPTO and describes a portable electronic element that has two touch surfaces and an overlap mechanism in the middle. Users will be able to move the smartphone through haptic feedback and touch-sensitive motion on the screen.

On the edges there are circular virtual controllers, and the folding of the two displays makes it a classic folding designer, revealing LetsGoDigital images.

The big impression is made of the over-display, but is inspired by the idea that it will be much easier to use with both hands. This design will allow you to fold it as a book and store it when you are not using it.

At this stage, there is no information on technical specifications, but Sharp’s idea is quite attractive. The images of LetsGoDigital are another proof of what they can offer different possibilities by flexible smartphones.

The photos reveal how Sharp will look like a smartphone

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