The new trailer Star Wars reveals surprises in the carpet

The new trailer Star Wars reveals surprises in the carpet

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In December, Ray’s last chapter came out of the theater, and Ray finally finished the studies. The last chapter of the most exciting sage in movie history – “Star Wars: Skywalker’s rise” in December at theaters. One year after the events in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Ray, Finn, and the Residual Resistance were crashing with First Order forces and faced the greatest evil.

The epic battle will take place in the infinite distance of the distant galaxy and deep in the souls of our famous heroes. Each of them must overcome their inner demons. And the end will mark the rise of Skywalker, Forum Film Bulgaria reported. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s first trailer is featured in the Star Wars Celebration fanclub in Chicago Jr. JK. Abrams and some of the main actors in the series.

The video represents Ray in the unequal struggle of “TIE Fighter”. Luke Skywalker’s voice tells us that Ray graduated, and though thousands of Jedi generations now live in it, she will have to go into the upcoming battle alone.

Another hero is ready for battle and that’s Caillo Wren. He snatched his helmet and threw himself in the battle of the First Order more decisively than ever. The part soon became a popular favorite (Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker) Trejler also offers extremely emotional shots to the Star War with the late Kari Fisher.

Her princess Lea revives on screen, thanks to unused Star Wars material: Power Wakes Up. It is also exciting to see Landa Calriziana performing Billy Dee Williams, who returns to the Millennium Falcon next to Chubac. And the new addition to the Droid series – a small and very attractive Diou, turned into a popular pet and managed to shield even BB-8.

One of the biggest surprises that trailer offers to fans is the implied return of the evil Emperor Palpatine. With his creepy laugh, he finished his first Star Wars trailer: Rise of Skywalker, under the auspices of the Chicago Convention, an actor who played the role of Emperor in previous films, Ian McDermidy.

In what form will Palpatine return? Who will be the winner in the great struggle between good and evil? How will the destinies of all the heroes develop? What will Skywalker rise? The answer to all the questions will be learned in December at theaters. Trailer also offers emotional footage of Kari-born Kari Fisher.

Director of “Star Wars: Skywalker Rise” JK. Abrams, who returns to the series after the success of Star Wars: Power Wakes Up. Abrams is a film writer and winner of Oscar Chrisa Teria (Argo). The composer is John Williams, who wrote music for each part of the Star Wars sage from Nove Hadee (1977).

The castles are famous for their episodes: Daisy Ridley, Adam Drivere, John Boegega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyongo, Donald Gleason, Kelly Marie Tran, Jonas Suotamos, Billy Lorord and Mark Hamil, Anthony Daniels and Kari Fisher. They are joined by newcomers Naomi Aki, Richard E. Grand and Kelly Russell.

The epic end of the signing “Star Wars: Skywalker Upgrade” is on December 20, 2019 on 3D, IMAX 3D and 4DX, in a synchronized and titled version, according to Forum Film Bulgaria.

The new trailer Star Wars reveals surprises in the carpet

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