The network Bitcoin Cash will support signatures Schnorr

The network Bitcoin Cash will support signatures Schnorr

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Bitcoin Cash network will support signatures of Shnorr Bitcoin Cash developers intend to implement Shnorr signatures in the main network of the most popular Bitcoin fork as part of the upgrade planned for May 15.

This will theoretically help improve blockchain security and provide users with more privacy. The #BitcoinCash (BCH) network is a global currency. ? On 15th May, #SchnorrSignatures was added during a scheduled network upgrade, offering greater security, increased privacy, and faster transactions

The implementation of Schnorr signatures will allow to aggregate several signatures for a single transaction into a single one at the expense of the linear mathematics laid down in the scheme.

The same approach can be applied to transactions with a multi-signature: by combining public keys and signatures into “threshold public keys” or “threshold signatures,” such transfers can be made indistinguishable from regular ones. The Schnorr scheme allows you to modify public and private keys.

For example, both public and private keys can be multiplied by 2, but they will still match each other and can be used to sign transactions.

At the same time, other users will not be able to distinguish modified keys from ordinary ones, without knowing for certain that they have been changed.

So, the developers of Bitcoin Cash have already launched the corresponding update in the test network. White paper on the implementation of Schnorr signatures in the main Bitcoin network was previously published.

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The network Bitcoin Cash will support signatures Schnorr

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