The most interesting features in Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+

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The most interesting features in Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+

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Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Note10, a new line in the premium segment of smartphones that combines sleek design with powerful performance and productivity tools, enabling users to turn every moment into a special one.

Inspired by a generation that seamlessly balances work and privacy, the Galaxy Note10 gives consumers the opportunity to work as they wish and to express their creative potential, anywhere, anytime.

Over the years, the Galaxy Note Series has helped millions of loyal users worldwide to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals – and now with the Galaxy Note10, Samsung is giving them the opportunity to do even more than they want to.

1. Design

Galaxy Note users appreciate the power and sophistication of the design – not just the look and feel of the device, but the experience it offers. Every element of the Galaxy Note10 is designed to be sleek, slim and attractive – so users can focus on the ideas, projects and content they care about.

Two sizes: The Galaxy Note10 comes in two sizes for the first time so users can choose the right note for them. The Galaxy Note10 introduces the Note series to consumers who want to take advantage of the S Pen’s power and flawless performance in a compact form factor, combining a 6.3-inch cinema-like infinity display into the most compact note ever. The Galaxy Note10 has the largest screen in the Note series to date, with a 6.8-inch Infinity Cinema display that fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to use.

The Note10’s screen is the best Samsung ever has. From its design to its flawless technology, it is designed to immerse consumers in their favorite TV content, movies and games.

End-to-end design: The infinity of the screen of the Galaxy Note10 is virtually borderless, with the cross-section of the front screen centrally positioned to maintain design balance. Samsung’s most eye-catching display delivers a seamless experience of thinking and thinking, viewing and creating content.

Best-quality display: The Galaxy Note10 features an award-winning dynamic AMOLED display. With HDR10 + certification and dynamic tone mapping, photos and videos are clearer than previous Note models and come with a stunning range of colors.

The Galaxy Note10’s display is UL certified for 98% color and brightness uniformity. The Eye Comfort display reduces blue light without affecting color quality for even more comfortable viewing.

2. Cameras

With the Galaxy Note10, content creators and all users can use the latest tools for capturing stunning videos and photos – to make their network channels, stories and social media posts stand out and communicate. Using a combination of cutting-edge imaging technology and software, the Galaxy Note10 takes mobile video and still photography to the next level.

Premium Video Technology: The Galaxy Note10 allows users to capture professional-quality video without wearing accessories. The live video focusing feature adds depth-of-field correction so you can blur the background and focus on your subject. The Zoom-In Mic feature enhances the sound and subtracts background noise to help you focus on your favorite sounds.

And to eliminate the blinks and skips that cause blur in the frame, the new Super Stable feature stabilizes the image – now available in Hyperlapse mode for seamless video timing.

Night mode: People shoot many of their selfies in low light situations – at dinner, at concerts or just as they enjoy the sunset. Night mode, now available in the front camera, allows users to bring incredible selfies, no matter how dark and dark the conditions for photography.

3. Productivity

Note that users are focusing on performance and seeing their phone as an essential element that helps them do and achieve more wherever they are. For these users, the Galaxy Note10 offers new technologies, enhanced capabilities and powerful integrations, all to give consumers the freedom to work in a way that makes them the most productive.

Evolution of S Pen: Galaxy Note10 builds on the S Pen’s BLE capabilities available on the Galaxy Note9 by adding aerial action – the ability to control certain aspects of the device through gestures, via the S Pen. By launching the third-party SDK, developers can now create new personalized pen controls so users can enjoy their favorite games and apps in the most convenient way for them.

Samsung DeX for your PC: The Galaxy Note10 expands the capabilities of the Samsung DeX interface, making it easy for users to distribute work between their phone, PC or Mac. With just a simple, USB compatible connection, users can one-touch move files between devices, use their favorite mouse and keyboard applications while maintaining the security of their personal information in their phone, thanks to Samsung Knox.

Direct connection to Windows: Galaxy Note10 integrates the Windows connection directly into the Smartphone Speed ​​Bar. With just one click, users can connect to their PC with Windows 10. They will be able to view notifications, send and receive messages, and view recent pictures without looking at their phone.

4. Super fast charge function: With just 30 minutes of charging, the Galaxy Note10 + lasts all day with 45W wire charging.

5. PowerShare Wireless Charger: The PowerShare Wireless Charge feature is also available in the Note. Users can wirelessly charge their Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds, or other Qi-compatible device with the Galaxy Note10.

7. Games: As mobile gaming becomes more processor-intensive and graphics-rich, the best gaming experiences require cutting-edge specifications. The Galaxy Note10 introduces the most compact copper-coated water cooling system that delivers optimum playtime performance while maintaining a slim and sleek body part.

With Game Booster-based artificial intelligence, the Galaxy Note10 optimizes game performance and battery consumption. And thanks to the PlayPalaxy Link P2P streaming service, users can continue playing on their phone from the moment they leave it on their PC, without storing the content locally.

8. High Speeds: With LTE and 5G options, Note10 users can get the most out of the fastest mobile phone speeds available from their carriers. The Galaxy Note10 + 5G uses all the power of the next generation high definition video network, lightning video download and real-time gaming streaming. Letting go of everything we want at lightning speed, the Note10 + 5G changes the way we view content and connect with our friends and family.

9. Availability and pre-orders of the Galaxy Note10

The Galaxy Note10 will be available in Silver Lights, Pink Lights and Black Lights, and the Galaxy Note10 + will be available in Silver Lights, White Lights and Black Lights from August 23, 2019.

The most interesting features in Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+

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