The head of Xiaomi lost a prize of BGN 250 million

The head of Xiaomi lost a prize of BGN 250 million

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The founder and chief technology director of Xiaomi (Mi), Lei Jun, will be forced to participate with a modest sum of about 1 billion Chinese yuan, worth more than 250 million leva.

The coating is out of 2013. and is with Dong Mingjou, chairman of the board of another Chinese giant Grey Electric. According to Bloomberg, it all began when Xiaomi’s chief took part in a popular TV show in China, saying the company’s financial results would outstrip Gree over the next 5 years.

Dong Minchiu initially puts 1 yuan, but the consequence increases the rate of 1 billion. According to Minzhou, the entire Chinese nation is a witness to the betting.

Over the past 5 years, Xiaomi has grown steadily in numerous technological areas, including smartphones, home appliances and electric scooters, which are becoming increasingly popular in Bulgaria. Gree focused on air conditioning, where hostility between the two companies comes as they compete in this overall niche market.

Over the years, GrĂ¼i has not repeatedly blamed the mosque and violated many patents. For the lesser known – Xiaomi recently bought 1.28% of Midea air conditioners for a modest $ 204 million.

After both companies officially announced their financial results, it became clear that the lady is happy in the bass between Li Jung, who is known as “Chinese Steve Jobs” and Dan Mingee. Xiaomi has 178 billion yuan (46 billion leva), and Grey has 198 billion yuan (51 billion leva).

For now, the two opponents have not said what will happen with the pledge and will not again reduce the bold multi-figure prize of 1 yuan (0.26lv). Time will show.

The head of Xiaomi lost a prize of BGN 250 million

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