The head of Foxconn leaves the company

The head of Foxconn leaves the company

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The founder of the largest electronics maker of industry and current chairman of “Foxconn”, Terry Gau, officially confirmed that he will step down from office.

From his statement, we understand that this will happen in the coming weeks, which will put an end to the impressive era of company development. Terry Gau founded Foxconn 45 years ago and, thanks to his incredible efforts, today can boast the richest man in Taiwan, TheVerge reported.

Terry Gau‘s goal is to stop participating in the daily operations of the company, but also to retain their rights in making key business decisions. Board discussions have yet to be discussed to consider the optimum options for Foxconn’s future operation after pulling out the most important individual of the company. Currently, there are 9.4% of all Taiwanese shares of producers who will remain in his possession.

The reason for retirement is aging and the desire to quickly train Foxconn’s young managers and give them an invaluable experience as a manager. His decision to withdraw comes at a very important moment for the company, which is trying to reduce dependence on Apple orders.

Foxconn also wants to expand its positions outside of Taiwan because they are already working on a project to build a huge production capacity in the United States.

The head of Foxconn leaves the company

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