The global CRM market is pursuing $ 50 billion

The global CRM market is pursuing $ 50 billion

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Salesforce’s leader controls nearly 20 percent, according to Gartner CRM, the market grew by 15.6 percent to $ 48.2 billion last year. The CRM market is approaching the $ 50 billion global limit, according to a new report Gartner.

Last year the CRM market grew by 15.6% to $ 48.2 billion, and about 72.9% on SaaS (software as a service) platform, and this segment is expected to grow to 75%. , The largest CRM market player is the US company Salesforce.

With annual revenue of $ 9.42 billion from CRM, the leader controls 19.5% stake in the global market. Leading players in the global CRM market. The second place is SAP with revenue of $ 4.01 billion and a share of 8.3%.

The third is the Oracle Corporation, which last year achieved 2.67 billion CRM solutions and occupies 5.5% of the market. The top five are Adobe and Microsoft with $ 2.45 billion and $ 1.30 billion, while the share of these companies is estimated at 5.1% or 2.7%.

Gartner’s figures show that five leading CRM providers jointly control 40% of the global client relationship management system.

The global CRM market is pursuing $ 50 billion

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