The first QLED laptops are on the market

The first QLED laptops are on the market

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Samsung is starting to receive orders for the world’s first QLED laptops to be used by Korean companies on their TVs. Several models come in different form factors.

In late October, Samsung unveiled the new QLED laptops. These are Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion models that have similar parameters but are made in different designs.

Prices for the Galaxy Book Flex in South Korea range from $ 1470 to $ 2455, while the Galaxy Book Ion sells for prices in the $ 1240 to $ 2180 range. The first of the two models is based on Intel’s Lake Lake processor and the other on Comet Lake.

Both laptops are very thin and light. The highest-end models in the QLED series can be equipped with a discrete GeForce MX250 graphics card, the Korea Herald said.

The first QLED laptops are on the market

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