The EU will invest 9.2 billion euros in key digital technologies

The EU will invest 9.2 billion euros in key digital technologies

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A unique digital market could create 4 million jobs A part of the new program budget will be targeted at small businesses. The European Parliament approved funding for programs for supercomputers, artificial intelligence, e-security and digital skills for the period 2021-2020, which will help the EU to meet the US and China in the technology sector.

The Digital Europe Program is a new EU initiative with a budget of EUR 9.2 billion, with the aim of providing the skills and infrastructure that Europeans need to meet the digital challenges in their personal and business life.

The program is part of the strategy for the development of the technological potential of a single digital market, which could create 4 million jobs and add 415 billion euros per year to the European economy, Brussels said. “The long-standing EU technology sector lags behind in other countries like the US and China.

We need a consistent pan-European approach and ambitious investments to find a solution to the chronic disagreement between the growing demand for state-of-the-art technologies and supplies available in Europe,” she said. Reporting Angelika Mlinar (ALDE, Austria).

A part of the budget will be targeted at small businesses and administrative offices to encourage better use of their technology, while the second part will focus on strategic areas such as supercomputers, artificial intelligence and e-security.

The European agenda will invest: 2.7 billion euros for supercomputers 2.5 billion euros for artificial intelligence 2 billion euros for e-security 700 million euros for digital skills 1.3 billion euros for promotion In terms of using digital technologies, Angelika Mlinar pointed out that despite the existence of outstanding European research and innovation achievements “for our companies, especially for small businesses, it is still difficult to access and exploit new technologies.”

“The program is designed to solve low-level testing technology. We are on the road to create one of the most promising and most valuable resources for the future of Europe,” she added.

The EU will invest 9.2 billion euros in key digital technologies

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