The drop of 3% in sales of smartphones is expected by the end of 2019

The drop of 3% in sales of smartphones is expected by the end of 2019

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Penetration of new technologies, such as flexible displays and 5G networks, still does not alter the capabilities of mobile devices. We’ve already seen the first devices that are based on these innovations, but it’s still too early to have a big impact on the smartphone market.

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Data from CSS Insight’s latest survey reveals that it is very likely that this year we will be witnessing a minimal drop in sales. Their estimates are a 0.3% reduction, TechSpot reported.


The reasons for such processes are complex and are associated with factors such as the desire of users to work longer with their current smartphone. High new devices drive many people to wait or buy used models, which additionally negatively affects the entire industry.

These processes have been observed in both Europe and the United States, as well as in some Asian countries. Analysts are of the opinion that the environmental industry is deterring many people from buying new hardware.

Over the last six years, sales of smartphones on the European market have fallen by 23%, with every third user now refraining from changing its current device. The number of people who are updated more often than before is less than 13%.

All of these figures emphasize in a categorical way that there are interesting changes in the attitudes of consumers with each passing year. These trends will affect all major markets in 2019.

The drop of 3% in sales of smartphones is expected by the end of 2019.

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