The data of 540 million Facebook users have expired

The data of 540 million Facebook users have expired

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Security experts discovered a large database containing personal data from Facebook profiles. Their detailed investigation proves that confidential information has been transferred to a public server for hundreds of thousands of accounts.

Most likely, this data is collected from third-party applications and services that partners with Facebook. According to estimates, UpGuard, which appeared on this server, contains hundreds of millions of users, of which 540 million are now confirmed.

The number is impressive and once again raises the question of the security of our personal information on the social network. The investigation shows that a Mexican company called Cultura Colectiva has left the Amazon S3 database server without protecting it without a password, making it virtually accessible to all. This is probably done intentionally, with data, including names, passwords, likes and emotions to posts, comments, etc., Post TechRadar.

Experts have found another server on the Internet, where more confidential data is available for more than 22,000 Facebook accounts. At this stage, the company officially did not comment on the situation, but will probably soon make a public comment.

This is yet another proof of how carefully you need to be information that you share on the social network, because you can not be sure that they will not fall into the hands of hackers or other malicious people.

The data of 540 million Facebook users have expired

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