The Bulgarian team has created an innovation in big data

The Bulgarian team has created an innovation in big data

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Bulgarian developers have created a product that promises to leap into data analytics across multiple clouds and cloud hybrids. IT professionals are part of the AtScale team in our country, and their development updates the platform of the US software company.

The construction, architecture, automatic and manual testing of AtScale 2020.1 is fully implemented in Bulgaria, the company said.

For the first time, a new version of the platform has been entrusted only to Bulgarian engineers, fulfilling the ambition of a Silicon Valley-based company to build 60% of its software at the Sofia Technology Center by the end of 2020.

Atscale claims that “they are redefining traditional data virtualization by integrating adaptive data analysis algorithms, providing secure access to storage, reducing computational costs 10 times, improving query execution time 12.5 times, increasing concurrent users 61 times.”

ÔÇťAtScale 2020.1 is an important step in our long-term vision of delivering smart data virtualization for every business. And the “culprits” for this exceptional product are our people in Sofia, “said Chris Lynch, the company’s CEO.

When first introduced in Bulgaria 1 year ago, AtScale has promised that the team in our country will work equally with teams in California and Boston, and will produce the product from start to finish, recalled Matthew Bird’s product director.

AtScale’s data modeling and query caching technologies deliver great performance and ease the challenges of traditional Big Data approaches. The enhancements include a virtual cube directory that provides easy and easy access to various data models that users can “reuse”.

“We have been given the opportunity to create products with features and functionality worldwide. Every day we are working on some of the most exciting technological challenges in the cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning that are changing the big data analytics market,” said Dimitar Manev, DevOps Head of AtScale’s Sofia team.

The company has attracted 30 developers to our country and has an ambition to double the team by the end of 2020. In three years after opening its office in Sofia, AtScale will invest $ 25 million in it, the US company said.

The Bulgarian team has created an innovation in big data

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