The British lose many scams with crypto light

The British lose many scams with crypto light

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British investors lost $ 27 million a year ($ 34.38 a million) for cryptographic fraud, “said UK Financial Regulator. According to the FCA, between April 1, 2018 and April 1, 2019, every citizen of Britain who had been the victim of cryptographic scams lost an average of $ 14,500 ($ 18,500).

In the same period, crypto loops have tripled. Data show that in one year their number increased to 1800. Most often, thieves use social networks to implement “quick” schemes. As a rule, with posts for social networking, thieves try to attract potential investors.

There is often a fake statement from celebrities with links to professionally crafted sites that encourage victims to invest in a fake project. Typically, the bait is used to achieve high return on investment. Down this scammers promise even greater profit.

In the end, everything finally crashes for naïve victims of the criminal system. According to the Australian Commission for the Protection of Market Competition and Consumer Protection (ACCC), last year the culmination of cryptographic fraud was on the continent.

By 2018, Australians have lost $ 4.3 million of such crimes.

The British lose many scams with crypto light

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