The Boston Dynamics robots are on the market

The Boston Dynamics robots are on the market

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The first 100 batch of SpotMines is expected by the end of 2019. Robotic company Boston Dynamics will soon hold its promise to put its advanced machines on the market.

Later this year, the first 100 pieces of a dog like SpotMini robots are expected to be sold. Mark Reibbert, Chief Executive Officer, released a serial copy of SpotMini this week and announced that the robot will soon be in production – in July and August.

The company plans to issue 100 such robots by the end of the year. The previously presented samples are test models on which Boston Dynamics continues to work. Currently, there are no official information on robot prices – they will be released during the summer. Mark Raybert hopes that SpotMini will become “Android among the robots”.

The SpotMini series has a new, better-than-falled casing, as well as cameras and sensors on the front, side and back sides, can be seen in all directions. The commercial version of SpotMini comes with a well-known mechanical handheld handle, more flexible and manageable.

Mark Reible hopes that SpotMini will become “Android among robots” and developers will write apps for it.

The Boston Dynamics robots are on the market

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