The big server manufacturer withdrew from China

The big server manufacturer withdrew from China

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The American-Chinese trade war forces American companies to withdraw their production from the Asian country. It has already made a big server manufacturer.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, Supermicro has reduced production in China to meet the US government’s need to reduce the risk of espionage. There is a large outflow from China as a participant in the supply chain for server components, commented Digitimes.

In addition, Chinese microelectronics is faced with increased tariffs as a result of American politics. By pushing production, Supermicro expands its capabilities across the United States, minimizing the risk of spying, note analysts.

Earlier, Supermicro compiled its servers in the United States while ordering motherboards from different manufacturers. Now the US company relies entirely on its own production resources.

The big server manufacturer withdrew from China

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