The best laptop battery analysis software on your laptop

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The best laptop battery analysis software on your laptop

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The laptop battery is mainly a piece of hardware, but we rarely care about its condition. And your Windows notebook does not give you enough information at a glance, just a small battery indicator with the remaining time and percentage.

Different battery problems may occur over time – interrupts charging, the charge level indicator shows variable values ​​and so on. To deal with them, you will need a reliable battery diagnostic tool that allows you to check its status to know what to do next.

Because poor battery usage can shorten the battery life, the status of battery status allows you to take steps to increase your life.

From Make Use Of choosing the best tools for them to analyze the laptop battery.

Powercfg battery report

The powercfg command is a hidden tool in Windows. You can use it to generate an accurate status report on the battery. It includes information on battery performance and allows you to monitor how much battery capacity is decreasing, which inevitably occurs over time. To generate a battery report, open the command line and enter the battery/battery power. This command records the battery report in HTML format in:

C: UsersYour_Usernamebattery-report.html

Double-click the file to open it in your browser.


BatteryInfoView is a free application that provides useful information about your laptop battery. The tool has two main components. The first screen gives you full information about the battery – Designed capacity, full charging capacity, battery life, number of charge/discharge cycles and much more.

The second screen gives you a detailed analysis of the battery status, time of the event, charging/discharging values ​​and much more. You can export battery information to an TXT or CSV file.

As a disadvantage, one can not mention the inability to filter the registry of batteries for a certain period of time. And the lack of schedule to predict the level of wear of batteries over time.


BatteryMon is an easy to use free application that delivers real-time battery results in graphics. The vertical Y-axis shows the load percentage (0-100%) and the horizontal axis X shows the sampling time. You can change the time interval for sampling on the configuration screen. You can set the levels of battery, voltage and temperature.


BatteryCat is a simple tool for checking the battery charge, capacity, and charging cycles. The main window has three sections – the current state of charge relative to the current capacity, power status information, charging cycles and full charging capacity versus the original capacity.

When you click on the “File” menu, the “History” window opens to the main window. You can save the last values ​​along with the date. Then you can find them;

C: UserYour_Usernamebatterycatbatterycat.csv

BatteryCat collects battery data every 10 seconds. You can change this space in the “Options” screen.

Smarter battery

A smarter battery is the only application that offers you a full set of battery status monitoring tools, perform calibration operations, and save battery performance data for reference. The application also offers you to save battery data depending on the page you have opened.

A smarter battery provides plenty of information, but it can confuse some users. There are many options scattered across different pages and many built-in battery management settings that you will need to familiarize yourself with.

The best laptop battery analysis software on your laptop

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