The best flu and cold analysis and treatment app for Android smartphones

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The best flu and cold analysis and treatment app for Android smartphones

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The cold and flu season may be over, but the world will definitely fight KOVID-19 for a long time to come.

Mobile applications are of great help not only for digital themes but also for real world ones. Including health issues AndroidHeadlines compiled six of the best flu and cold management apps.

The applications offered on this site are not specifically targeted at the COVID-19 coronavirus. There are special requirements from Google and Apple so applications are limited.

Instead, the suggestion list contains apps and services to help with other illnesses, flu, or mild colds. Their purpose is not to replace doctors, but to help consumers take action on time.

Best Android Symptom Analysis Apps


This is a great application that helps analyze your symptoms. It’s free, with no in-app purchases. COVID-19 data is now available. Ada is a helper for people to better define their condition and help them better describe their condition to a doctor.

The app requires little information for the user to enter honestly. This will allow him to point out the problem more accurately. It is also a Class I application for medical devices in the EU. This means it is safer, meets higher standards and has real medical value.

Best Android Treatment Research Applications

WebMD one of the most popular and good applications for this purpose. It’s free and no in-app purchases. The user can enter their symptoms and get potential diagnoses. There is also a directory of doctors, but they are only in the United States.

WebMD also has partnerships with many pharmaceutical sites, offering cheaper drug prices. And even this service is free. There is also a function to remind you that it is time to take the medicine.

The app lets the user remember searches, symptoms, medications, doctors and more. There are numerous additional articles and materials to improve the quality of life. Another useful feature is the ability to check compatibility between different drugs.

The best video streaming apps for Android


This is an application especially for healthcare professionals. However, its information is available to everyone and is free and without any in-house purchases. The idea is that anyone can search and find information about more illnesses, emergencies and other health events. The data is in the form of videos, available in different resolutions. There are also presentations in PDFs for easy viewing.

The app itself has four main channels. One of them collects information on current outbreaks, including scientific data, tips and much more. There is also a channel for advice for people who will travel to such areas and need to be prepared.

The social channel provides data on the outcomes of the health care intervention, as well as additional facts. The latest channel, GOARN, is about global epidemics, alerts, alerts, data and information.

Best Android Risk Tracking Apps


Very handy, free application that creates maps of areas susceptible to disease. It relies on information from public sources and users, with over 6 million reports daily. The application alerts when a user enters an area that has many disease signals and provides information on what are the most common health problems in the area.

The app allows users to monitor the condition and even understand the level of the disease in certain institutions and other locations. Its creators say they can sometimes even recognize the start of the flu spreading to the authorities.

The shopping cart is quite detailed, with different colors showing the latest reports from disease users. They are grouped by nature and date. An app is an easy way for a person to know what’s going on around him.

Best Android home treatment apps

Home remedies +

With lighter colds, sometimes even “grandmother’s herbs” help. But you must know what and how to do it. This is exactly the purpose of the application. It’s free with no supplies, but it offers many home remedies for mild colds, headaches, back pain and more.

Home remedies are divided into categories. There are also ideas for treating allergies, acne, reflux and more. There are ideas for about 100 problems. The user can use the browser as well as make a list of favorite treatments.

A feature for sharing recipes is also available. Of course, there is the option of adding more ideas that will be checked and added to the list.

The best Android health monitoring apps


This application uses artificial intelligence to provide the user with information about various diseases. It is defined as a digital platform for health care, helping with personal care. The app is free with no purchases, made by doctors, scientists and digital experts.

The app provides personalized information, tips and helps diagnose symptoms. It can also provide additional information on various health concerns that concern the user. These publications are written by real doctors.

Your.MD claims to be the first global Internet marketplace for health services and products. A login feature is also available for the user to track their statuses and progress.

The best flu and cold analysis and treatment app for Android smartphones

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