The best Android apps for translating a foreign language

The best Android apps for translating a foreign language

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Smartphones are invariable companions of billions of people and help everyone. Smartphones are even more important helper on the road. They can help the person deal with the language barrier.

Just need to have one of the following applications offered by MakeUseOf. They are among the best for translation from foreign languages.

Google Translate

Logically, the first choice is well known to everyone. Google Translate is a known application. It now supports more than 100 languages, it can even translate handwriting, text from images, characters, real-time from camera to phone and more.

There is an option to translate and speak loud sentences. In chat mode, Google Translate supports 32 languages ​​and has the ability to work offline by pre-setting the required language packs (available in 59 languages).

Microsoft Translator

Google’s big competitor is also expected to have an answer in this area. Microsoft Translator has even a smoother interface and also supports voice translations, conversations, photos and texts. There is also the option to translate one text into multiple languages ​​at the same time, which is practical during a presentation, for example.

It only takes other participants to have an application installed on their phones so they can connect with each other and speak or write in their own language. The main disadvantage is support for less languages, but Microsoft gradually adds new and new ones.

Reversed translation dictionary

The application can offer only 11 languages, but there are many options. Can display similar words, synonyms, additional explanations of the word, etc. It also gives examples in the context that the word can be used.

This makes the Reverso suitable for learning new languages ​​and even has a special learning mode. Like the other two applications, Reverso is also free, but offers additional purchases.

Naver Papago Translator

The application offers a translation of text, images and voice in 13 languages. It also has a mini mode that can be integrated with the browser and can copy and translate texts from web pages. In addition, the application remembers the most commonly used words, phrases, vocabulary, and site translation mode. And everything is free.

SayHi Translate

Application focused on voice and text translation, paying more attention to the different dialects and variations of the Spanish language. There are many other languages ​​that can translate voice and text in real time. There is also a two-way chat feature, as well as sharing the translated text on social networks or SMS. The application is also free.

Dictionary Linguee

Another free application that pays attention to additional information during the translation. It provides a context for words, there is a dictionary search mode and a simultaneous translation into two languages. The number of available languages ​​may be lower than other applications, but the explanations are from a team of experts, so you can trust the translation.


Spanish application or for those who want to improve their knowledge in Spanish. The application can be used for streaming subtitles in Spanish films. Only the voice translation is adjusted, the application recognizes nearby cinemas and transmits the translation for an hour before the projections of certain movies. The application is generally free, but there are also additional purchases.


Even if a person knows a language when visiting the country he speaks, he may not know how much he thinks. Especially considering the local slang. This appendix provides explanations for many of the popular phrases, the different ones they have in the context, and others.

It also gives a lot of additional information about the relevant culture of meat, what to do in specific situations, typical local terms, etc. Can translate from voice, text and photos. The application is free, with embedded purchases.

The best Android apps for translating a foreign language

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