Tesla’s first plant in Europe will be in Germany

Tesla’s first plant in Europe will be in Germany

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We’ve already informed you that the Tesla Model Y will sell for $ 47,000 by 2020. The new car is expected to continue the company’s impressive record in the EV segment. Tesla’s CEO has revealed curious details about their future plans.

This was when the BILD Golden Wheel Award was given, at which Elon Musk revealed that Europe’s first Gigafactor plant would be built around Berlin. The location will be announced further, but close to the new airport around town.

The impressive facility will be used by Tesla to manufacture batteries, motors and assemblies for electric cars and take over part of Model Y’s production in Berlin, TechCrunch reports. Tesla has already revealed plans to start producing electric cars in Europe in 2021. Here we already know and where the location of their new factory will be.

In parallel, Tesla has already invested $ 2 billion in building a plant in Shanghai and is looking for ways to boost production on the Chinese market. The facility will focus on the creation of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

Cars Entering the European market is no accident, as sales of electric cars in the EU are expected to grow strongly in the coming years. Germany’s selection of the first plant on the continent will certainly contribute to Tesla’s success worldwide.

Tesla’s first plant in Europe will be in Germany

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