Tesla relies on its own AI autopilot processor

Tesla relies on its own AI autopilot processor

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14-nanometer FSD will replace Nvidia chips. Tesla’s autopilot will rely on the AI ​​chip developed by the company. Tesla Motors develops its own AI processor designed for use in autopilot systems.

The chip will serve as a hardware base for the autopilot function across the company’s electric vehicle line, replacing Nvidia’s DGX. The new AI chip is called Tesla FSD (full self-driving) and is actually used in the latest releases of Model S and Model X issued in March this year.

In perspective, the same chip will appear in model 3, TechPowerUp reported. Tesla’s autopilot uses two of its own FSD processors. The Tesla FSD has a surface of 260mm² and contains 6 billion FinFET transistors manufactured by 14-nanometer technology from Samsung Electronics. The 12-core ARM Cortex-A72 core processor runs at 2.2GHz, an integrated GPU at 1GHz and a 2GHz neural network processor.

The autopilot board uses two such chips that are powered from different sources to increase the resistance to the flame. According to Tesla, FSD processor outperforms 21 times the performance of Nvidia DGX.

Tesla relies on its own AI autopilot processor

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