Tent TEF1110P – PoE Extension Monitor

Tent TEF1110P – PoE Extension Monitor

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Enables surveillance of network cameras, access points and other devices within 250 meters, protects the light bulb Tenda TEF1110P-8-102W supports data transmission up to 250 meters on twisted pairs for monitoring the network of surveillance cameras or access points generally not favorable due to different distances from the center unit, lack of strength and existing lightning risk, for example.

With all these problems, Tenda TEF1110P-8-102W PoE Switch. This sophisticated 5.6 Gbit / s product uses patented network expansion technology to support data transmission up to 250 meters in a twisted pair, prevailing at the 100-meter limit. Tent TEF1110P-8-102W is a serious business application monitoring switch that can be integrated into large networks with many similar switches and other devices.

The model has 8 10 / 100Base-TX RJ45 data and Power over Ethernet (PoE) and 2 RJ45 10/100 / 1000Base-T data ports that can be used to cascade multiple devices and expand the network range up to several tens of kilometers.

Each of the eight PoE ports supports IEEE 802.3at and IEEE 802.3af standards and a maximum power of 30W, and the device generally provides the maximum PoE power of 99W as described by the manufacturer. In addition, the Teflon TEF1110P-8-102W comes with professional lightning protection – with 6KV on each port and power supply.

This is especially important for network surveillance cameras, as they are often placed on the open and at a high level, which increases the risk of lightning and damage to the camera, PoE switches and other devices – possibly the whole network incorrectly. Port and power protection devices effectively prevent lightning current into the grid and virtually add firewalls to the monitoring system.

Thus, in the case of thunder storms, the network will continually work and ensure continuous transfer of images from the camera. Tent TEF1110P-8-102W is a compact switch that can be switched to a cage designed for installation in the cancer or wall system. The device is supplied with a power adapter, power cord, and assembly accessories.

There are 10 connectors (8 × 10 / 100Base-TX RJ45 PoE and 2 × 10/100 / 1000Base-T RJ45) on the front panel together with light indicators, and the back of the socket and the three way switch. In default mode, the machine operates as a general purpose switch and all ports support “auto negotiation” of 10/100 Mbps. VLAN mode is used to reduce unnecessary traffic and increase frame forward speed.

In extension mode, the data and power distance increases to 250 meters at 10 Mbps. The TEF1110P-8-102W tent is available in the Bulgarian market by Tendin partners. The device can be found at a price of approximately 185 kuna with VAT. The manufacturer gives an average failure time (MTBF) of at least 50,000 hours or about 5 years.

Tent TEF1110P – PoE Extension Monitor

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