Telenor provided support for ViLTE technology

Telenor provided support for ViLTE technology

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High-quality video calls via 4G telecom network ViLTE technology adds high quality LTE voice services. Telenor now supports Video over LTE (ViLTE) video call technology. Operator subscription service providers will be able to make safer video calls with high-quality connectivity and image over 4G networks.

ViLTE is Voice over LTE Extension (VoLTE), which adds high-quality LTE voice services. The service does not require additional registration or special application used and supports authentication based on the SIM card.

Technology is now available to private and business users who have mobile devices that support ViLTE, use a Telenor 4-line subscription plan and are in the coverage area of ​​the 4G network operator. Technology is not available for prepaid customers and corporate users who use certain business services, Telenor said.

Currently, ViLTE can use the owners of a total of 23 smartphone models, Huawei and Samsung. For video calls via ViLTE, both parties must use technology. Calls made via ViLTE are charged according to the pricelist that applies to the client’s mobile plan and does not withdraw for the available MB for the mobile Internet.

To take advantage of the technological capabilities, Telenor users must be convinced that they have one of the supported devices and activate the VoLTE option in their settings.

Telenor provided support for ViLTE technology

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