TEG1024D – switch for fast networks and video surveillance

TEG1024D – switch for fast networks and video surveillance

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The Awning device has 24 gigabit Ethernet ports and electricity can’t be crippled and on the desktop Today’s office needs robust networks with increased bandwidth to cope with growing application traffic, incl. security systems based on video surveillance.

In the construction and expansion of local Ethernet networks, the so-called switches or switches. The increased speed and reliability requirements are being met by the 24-port TEG1024D, which is available on the Bulgarian market by Tenda’s partners at a cost of about 155 leva with VAT. It is an unobtrusive switch for mounting a cancer or desktop computer that meets the high speed communications of SMEs. Rigid construction.

When opening the box – made in Tenda-specific colors and with detailed switch information – we see a solid device with a fully steel body and multiple openings on three sides that allow for more efficient heat distribution. The TEG1024D is designed without fan, making it completely silent. The switch measures 294x178x44 mm and can be mounted on a desktop or a standard 19-inch power rack.

It is powered by 100-240V 50 / 60Hz and is easy to use – plug and play. The front has 24 sockets and light indicators and the rear has an outlet. Key Features The TEG1024D offers a 24 gigabit Ethernet port 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ45, with a switch that delivers 2000 Mbps data in full duplex mode. With features such as auto-negotiation and speed-forwarding on all ports, as well as high-capacity cache, the switch provides fast file transfer and stable video streaming.

The Awning device has a switching capacity of 48 Gbps and an 8K table for MAC addresses. Cat UTP cables can be connected to it. 3 (for 10Base-T), Cat. 5 and above (for 100Base-TX and 1000Base-T). The Store Store and Forward method are used for data transfer. The switch is economical – consumes 13 watts of power and is compatible with all popular operating systems – Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

The front panel has LED indicators for each port and one power-on indicator. Lightning protection Designed as a device for traffic networks and CCTV security systems, the TEG1024D integrates a professional lightning protection scheme. All 24 terminals have Class IV protection (6 kV common mode), effectively reducing arc damage during thunderstorms.

In addition, the power module built into the switch is also designed with improved lightning protection and can withstand lightning strikes of 6kV or 3 times the size of ordinary switches. This protects the device from damage during a thunderstorm. Availability and price The TEG1024D Awning switch is available in the Bulgarian market at prices of around BGN 155, including VAT, and a 24-month guarantee from a Taiwanese partner, among a number of other network devices of the same brand.

The device kit includes the switch itself, the network adapter, and the user guide. The 24-port Gigabit Ethernet switch is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises for fast, stable and uninterrupted communication – in 24 × 7 modes. The switch is housed specifically for CCTV security systems where wide bandwidth and continuity are required.

TEG1024D – switch for fast networks and video surveillance

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