Tapping on Facebook users

Tapping on Facebook users

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Facebook keeps a huge amount of information about each account, and they are often blamed for providing access to data without the knowledge of the users themselves. Surely browsing online and in short terms, then you can see banners that invite you to buy the subject in question.

This is one of the most common methods of revenue generation company. From the social network, they also have additional information about the bills you did not publish yourself.

Many people use online forums to share publicly about strange situations where they discuss a topic with a friend or acquaintance. They are then surprised to see that Facebook displays ads related to the subject.

The users themselves are categorical that they have not opened any links to suggest the social network of their preferences. The only explanation for such associations is Facebook to listen to the talks of its users, which are almost 2.4 billion dollars, Mirror.co.uk reported.

Examples of such incidents are numerous and cover clothing, souvenirs and other small items, but also kitchens, furniture and car accessories. The concept that Facebook secretly listens to its users is not new.

However, over time, more and more people are surprised by such ads caused by things they shared in a conversation with a friend. The company officially denies using such methods, but fewer users agree with this statement.

Tapping on Facebook users

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