Survey: 68% of wealthy people plan to invest in Bitcoin

Survey: 68% of wealthy people plan to invest in Bitcoin

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According to the results of a survey conducted by consulting company deVere Group, 68% of wealthy people have either already invested in cryptocurrency or are going to do it before the end of 2022. Reported by Irish Tech News.

More than 700 deVere customers who own assets worth more than £ 1 million ($ 1.3 million) and live in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Qatar, Switzerland, Mexico, Hong Kong, Spain, France, Germany, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates participated in the survey.

The CEO and founder and deVere Nigel Green identified several major factors contributing to the growing interest of wealthy people in new assets. In addition to the so-called FOMO (loss of profits syndrome), it is: the global availability of cryptocurrencies for which there are no borders; global trend towards digitalization; the ability of cryptocurrency to solve problems of everyday life (for example, digital assets are suitable for cross-border payments and can help 2 billion people who do not have access to banking services); active adoption of cryptocurrency among the younger generation and among institutional investors.

“The research results have shown that wealthy people are increasingly seeking access to cryptocurrencies. There is a widespread understanding that digital currencies are the future of money, and that the future has already begun. People with high incomes are not ready to skip this and therefore rebalance their investment portfolios, including digital assets, ”Green stated.

Also, according to him, there are no limits to the development of cryptoindustry. Recall, according to a survey conducted by Blockchain Capital, 11% of US residents have Bitcoin. In this case, the first cryptocurrency is most popular among young people aged 18-34 years.

Survey: 68% of wealthy people plan to invest in Bitcoin

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