Student wants $ 1 billion from Apple

Student wants $ 1 billion from Apple

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The Face Detection System Related to Thieves Threatens Apple’s Face Detection Require $ 1 Billion. A New York student has asked a large amount of Apple to compensate for theft, which has led to serious stress and other problem, says the lawsuit.

18-year-old Usman Ba ​​was arrested in his home in New York last November and charged with the theft of Apple’s store. The police filed a photo on the order, but it turned out to be another person, Bloomberg recalls.

One of the stolen charges of Usman Ba ​​was committed in Boston last June – the same day, a killed student was at the Abbey Balloon in Manhattan. He claims to have lost his license without a photo that was probably found or stolen by the criminals themselves and was used to identify them at Apple stores.

That is why the name of Usman Ba ​​could misconstrue the face of Apple’s face detection system used by the company in its stores to track people suspected of being stolen.

Uhman Ba ​​pushed Apple to pay $ 1 billion in fee for stress. In addition to Apple, the accused in this case are security specialists.

Student wants $ 1 billion from Apple

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