Strategies Of successful Bloggers: Learn them and overthrown your Competitors

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Have you ever bordered to ask as a new blogger that you are”the secrets and strategies of successful bloggers” in your blogging niche? even if you don’t ask, have you tried for once to find out?.(give the answer to yourself) and listen to this story.

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When i was in secondary school: I was very brilliant and good in almost all subjects that i offer, and out of 100 total in our class which was group in (A-B and C) i was the 2nd best student. I wasn’t contented because i always strive to be the 1st in all that i do.

I delve deeper to make sure i emerge the top position but the man in the first position seem to be very unbeatable so even when i tried, i will only try to maintain my static position instead of going forward.

I decided to study this guy to know his strategies and i found out that he don’t even read at school. Even when everyone is serious, he is always playing football and other games even at the last hour to the exam. And we always try to do the same with him not knowing the strategies he uses.

After some years of beating me hands down i found out that this guy don’t do anything at home aside from reading. He is always busy reading at home 24/7 while i always love reading at school and engaging myself with other fucking unproductive activities.

Having Caught the strategies he uses in beating me, i made another trip to beat him as well because am extremely tired of receiving his beats.

I read at home, and i read in the school as well. When he was placing i keep reading. infact i was reading, reading and reading because i had a vision. Until the exams finally emerge.

Fortunately i took the first position just like i have dreamt before……… Don’t say am bragging you can ask my teacher ,if you want to prove me right or don’t you think i could be so brilliant? are you the only one who was made to be supper brilliant? am also one and incase you don’t know am extremely, extraordinary, and eminently brilliant even till now.

Lessons From the Above in Relationship to Successful Blogging

I never Emerge the first position not until i discovered the strategies my competitor uses to overthrown me.

If You must beat your Competitors as a blogger it’s high time you start working against their strategies. Figure them out , derive their weak point and work them out for your success.

Who is your Competitor in Your blogging Niche? In this article you will surely learn the strategies that most successful bloggers uses and how to overthrown them.

This is another secrete that i want to reveal as the blogging prophet that i will always be: am just scared you might end up using them against me but. (in tears..)))) please remember am the one that teach you. don’t use them against me or i will report you to the god of blogging.
Am not stingy: because of this qualify that i will protect i have decided to share them with you .

Strategies Of Successful Bloggers You must Learn

Below are the “strategies of a successful blogger” every successful blogger do make use of them.

  • They Protect the law of Originality:

    According to Kennedy Prosper the law of originality in relationship to blogging simply states that “Blog what you know from the gurus already made ideas ,instead of stealing the gurus ideas”.

    It’s important to blog about what you know and the areas of your expertise as this will make you be more authentic, informative and original in your blogging field.

    The successful bloggers are bloggers who strive always to provide and protect originality.

    Few years ago when i started blogging i never understood this strategies of a successful blogger and until i came to know how important originality is in blogging i never made my ways successfully.

    Don’t even try to go with the impression you can make it blogging with copy and paste. Try to write what you know as this will create more spaces to credibility.

  • They Posses Great Headline Strategies:

    How do you find my headlines? are they attractive to click? are they tempting to view?.

    Yes they are attractive and tempting to click because i have learnt that one of the strategies of successful bloggers is choosing headlines that are tempting to click.

    Even if you write a good article, without a good headline you may end up getting less views to your post.

    Attractive headlines will not only drive clicks through your blog but as well as the social media outlets.

    Always try to title your articles properly to get more views and more article engagements. If you aren’t sure of this you can check out the blog of any of your successful competitor to see the structures of their headlines .

    A blogger once said ( i use 200hours to write and article and 350hrs to structure my headline).

  • They Have Smart Images and Designs:

    I have said this before and i will say it over and over again that smart website designs can help boost your audience and your search engine performance.

    Who is the successful blogger in your niche? the last time you visited their blogs/websites how far about their blog design? am sure you love it.hmmm….

    Now that you want to compete with them don’t you know that you must have to choose a better design even better than that of your competitors Design?

    One of the strategies of successful bloggers is simply the smart website design.Don’t chase away your visitors with your ugly design you will never and can never compete with your competitors with your bad design.

    On the other hand, Have you ever asked why your competitors uses smart images in their blog post? I won’t talk much on this but i will make you understand.

    If You Create a post and share it on social media like Facebook Without image and Re-share the same post again adding a smart and cool and descriptive image just wait for 24hrs or less you will see that the post shared with cool image will have more engagement than the post you shared without image. You can experiment that yourself.

  • They Have promotion and Marketing Strategies:

    You visit their blogs regularly either from one source or the other, you keep seeing their articles almost on every page you visit on their niche. You won’t stop buying ebooks from them because what they offers are too tempting to eschew.

    As a blogger if you must be successful you need marketing and promotional strategies to backup your earning potentials.

    Learn how your competitors promote their articles and go beyond how they do their promotion only then will you be sure of beating them.

    If your competitors uses social media promotion, then you must be ready to use to both social media, Radios, TV , Magazines and others as your promotional strategies. What am saying in esense is to do more than what your competitors does.

  • They are persistent and Patient:

    The successful bloggers have learnt that you cannot make blogging overnight and as a result they have learnt to work and wait to see the result of their works.

    If your competitors can wait, what about you the competitor? Don’t you think it’s also a good idea to wait?

    If you must be successful in Blogging : Work and Wait.
    as time is an essential factor that determine blogging success.

    Secondly the successful bloggers are persistent because they don’t stop where they fail. Learn to do likewise.

  • They are Not Stingy:

    What the hell do you think you are doing? You copied an eBook which your competitor gives for free and you are selling it in your blog? Stinginess will not kill you in Jesus name(say amen if you are one) because my prayers do work.

    If you think you are so stingy that you so much fell in love with stinginess then you should try to keep your stinginess offline because if you bring it online am sure your competitors will always beat you over and over again.

    If You must compete with me as your competitor then learn to buy what i sell and give them for free in your blog. Your audience will so much trust you as this will earn you more credibility.

  • They are always Happy:

    Can you remember the last time you wrote original article which inturn drives many traffic to your website?

    When you were writing this article were you crying or weeping? lol i guess you can never write a post with tears in your eyes or with sadness in your mind.

    You just got a very hot top idea to write about as a blogger, you became happy knowing the amount of traffic such headlines can generate in short time but unfortunately you received a call that you failed your finer year Exams. I bet you will never try to write on that article again even the whole day if not the whole week.

    To compete with bloggers in your niche learn to be happier because they are always happy. You cannot compete with a happy man with sadness in you, but if you do then failure is inevitable.

CONCLUSION: All what i have written above about the strategies of successful bloggers are based on my personal experience” I use them against my competitors and i always come up successful.

Are you happy you have learnt something new? are you happy you have learnt the strategies of successful bloggers? If this article helped you and you can’t even share, Comment or subscribe to my newsletter for more updates then you are heartless and a very wicked creature.

I will keep an eye on you to know if you are real or wicked as said above.Please prove yourself real by commenting and sharing this post with your friends don’t be too stingy and self centered.

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  1. Xycinews said:

    Persistence and patience are the core values for success Here.

    July 5, 2018
    • Indeed you have said it all. persistency and patience is to key to make money online in Nigeria without paying money to start.

      July 6, 2018

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