Starbucks uses blockchain and AI services from Microsoft

Starbucks uses blockchain and AI services from Microsoft

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Starbucks uses Microsoft’s blockchain and AI services A large Starbucks chain of coffee houses will use the technologies developed by Microsoft to improve its operations. This ForkLog was reported by representatives of Microsoft.

For example, a service for generating personalized food and beverage recommendations will be added to the Starbucks® Rewards mobile app. For this, the coffee shop employs a learning technology with reinforcements based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Recommendations will be formed on the basis of 400 different factors, taking into account, in particular, the weather conditions, the time of day, the presence of ingredients in a particular coffee shop and which dishes are more often chosen by other customers.

“If a visitor constantly orders drinks and food in which there is no milk, the platform will draw conclusions about his preferences and offer him products that lack this ingredient,” explain the company. Now a new system is being tested at the Tryer Lab innovation center in Seattle.

In the future, a similar service will be available to car owners who prefer to place an order without leaving the car. To reduce the time it takes to detect problems with coffee machines and the cost of servicing them, Starbucks also plans to connect devices to the Microsoft Azure Sphere Internet of Things operating system.

In addition, Starbucks is working on another option of the mobile application, which, using the Microsoft Azure Blockchain service, will allow customers to get information about coffee from the pack they bought: where it was grown, when the grains were roasted, and more.

As previously reported by ForkLog, at the annual Microsoft Build 2019 conference, Microsoft introduced a number of new services and technologies of the Azure cloud platform for developers. Among other things, Microsoft released the Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum toolkit for developing Ethereum applications in the Azure cloud service.

The new service is an extension for the Visual Studio Code editor, which allows you to create smart contracts and use the public Ethereum blockchain tools, such as the Solidity language and the Truffle framework.

In March, it was reported that by the end of 2019, Starbucks plans to allow visitors to pay for their cryptocurrency orders by converting it to Fiat via the Bakkt platform.

Starbucks uses blockchain and AI services from Microsoft

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