SQL Server 2019: the heart of the data platform and analysis

SQL Server 2019: the heart of the data platform and analysis

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In a dynamic, globalized and digitized world, analysis of available data is key to prediction, respectively. for planning “With version 2019, it’s not just a database machine, but a shared data platform core,” said Margarita Naumova, world leader in the MS SQL Server and InspirIT manager.

SQL Server 2019, expected later this year, will mark the transition from a powerful database to the system that forms the core of the organization’s overall data platform. All functionality and innovations in the new version are subject to data analysis and knowledge transformation that will enable future success in the company.

In the shadow of this transformation, counseling intervention also becomes an increasingly important role – it is linked to the “cleansing” of data and the proper interwovenness of different sources. “Version 2019 comes at a time when all organizations have the challenge of combining data from multiple sources, including large amounts of data,” said Margarita Naumova, world leader in MS SQL Server and InspirIT, a Bulgarian company.

The new version can be considered as the center of a “data platform” in any company – a platform that includes structured and unstructured data, a variety of sources, including public, and the need for speedy interaction with everyone.

“In SQL 2019, the concept of a data set is embedded, which is interesting, because although we are talking about a relational database, we are talking about” big data “- essentially unrelated, Naumova added. “The idea is that we can combine access to multiple data sources, including immense volumes, rely on their processing and at the same time exploit all the possibilities for analysis.”

In short, version 2019 is no longer just about the database “machine”, but the core of the shared data platform. Datamorphosis The need for information to become meaningful for business information is the ultimate source of all efforts to implement databases, business management systems, and cost analysis systems.

The growing value of this metamorphosis of knowledge was reflected in this year’s SQL Discovery Day 2019 with a dedicated series of lectures dedicated to analytics and especially Power BI.

The SQL Discovery Day itself is held for the fourth time and has twice as many participants as compared to the first release – 240 people on the background of 120 in 2016 and for the first time with the InspirIT organizer there were three external sponsors – SBTech, Polycomp and Software Group.

Part of the participants this year focused their attention on how data can be successfully turned into business forecasts. When the available data is placed within a given context, it becomes information intelligible for man. Combined with some knowledge of this context, information is transformed into knowledge.

This knowledge provides the basis for making decisions on how to act in a particular situation. Data transformation into knowledge base is called “datemaps” by the InspirIT team.

Separation from the simple information and decision-making information is equally important to the person driving the car to the red traffic light (to decide whether to continue or stop) and to plan the future resources (decide which approaches to apply or stop).

In today’s dynamic, globalized and digitized world, analysis of available data is key to future forecasting or planning: to have stability and peace to increase revenue and reduce costs. Digital Oracle The effort to hit the future for human preparation has existed for centuries in man.

If people ever went to shaman or prophecy to ask, for example, what kind of harvest is expected throughout the year, today’s practitioners in almost every area rely on digital systems to tell them the future. This so-called “machine prophet” has the advantage of building a model, explained Krassimir Donchev, Managing Partner of InspirIT.

Building on the knowledge of the past, modeling can be done for everything: for example, the climate model, the model of immediate catastrophe, the model of hurricanes, etc. Our models serve to predict what will most likely happen in the future.

All that is needed to make decisions, or improve our performance, is to use the information available from the past for better results in the future, said Ivan Donev, an SQL Server Data Platform architect in InspirIT.

Business Analysts’ Failure Unclear due to the possibility of precise prediction on the basis of available data, many organizations have already experienced the bitterness of a failed BI project. Some have found that they can not believe in forecasts, others feel inadequate. Many organizations are, after all, disappointed with technology, admits Margarita Naumov.

In general, dissatisfaction stems from underestimating the preparation. “Many years ago, we saw that the projects were mostly made in one piece – and that is very dangerous for BI, as this results in a lack of clarity of results.

A whole strategy is needed, even if it is carried out step by step that leads the company in a clear direction Only in the tool application, the instruments are nothing if you do not know what you want to do, “Naumova commented. which has been used by the IT industry for several decades, has “exploded” and has led to drastic increase in data transfer rates, old data being heterogeneous, incomplete, unsystematized, says Krasimir Donchev. named Petar Petrov and it is unclear whether it is the same person, 18 different people or a dozen people and are registered in several different systems.

The introduction of different digital systems in the work, the lack of good organization and the competence of the people contributed to such situations. “The data must be clean, real, reliable, and reliable,” said Ivan Donev. “After many BI solutions we came to this question: why data differ or duplicate the analysis?

Input data in the operating systems is not well validated and then accidental data is accumulated,” Naumova said.No purpose, she stressed, pleading guilty – It is important to go in the direction of “cleaning” the data, where consultants can help. Techies such as “data science”, “machine learning”, artificial intelligence and others – can replace the human being in the process of purification.

Accessibility Analysis of the results is something every employee is doing for their activity – in this sense everyone should have access to data. “Access should not be a luxury in the company. It will be a little bit to analyze if numbers will be used by a few selected people, “said Ivan Donev.

There is also a problem when there is no effective dissemination of analytical results in the organization – the results must reach all decision makers at all levels. And the decision is made by everyone – from the director to the regular merchant, who today can decide to spend a completely different tactic in contacting the clients.

Evangelization Instead of Imposing Almost two decades in our country, the idea that the implementation of the business management system in all their variations is a business solution rather than a project of a technology department.

This is true, but the idea seems to be misunderstood: many managers decide to “impose” such systems roughly, violently, often in conflict with their employees. When introducing a system analysis, it’s important not to deny the old – because people usually work with what’s good for everyday activities, commented Donev.

Employees, of course, do not seek change; each imposed change usually satisfies retaliation. Instead, we are talking about “evangelization” today: the method in which employees are excited and tempted to touch the new system. One or more people in the organization start working with the platform so all colleagues can see valuable analytical abilities.

Therefore, employees will most likely want to manage BI themselves. Available data More and more public, free data can make business analysis more effective, InspirIT experts said during SQL Discovery Day. If, for example, a company manufactures raincoats or outdoor sports, a long-term weather forecast would greatly assist in planning production in the organization.

Sources of freely available time data have a lot to do and would be a major failure for the organization to take advantage of this opportunity. In the light of these capabilities, converting SQL 2019 into the “center of the entire data platform” is a trend that will continue to grow.

SQL Server 2019: the heart of the data platform and analysis

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