Spy virus for Mac masked as WhatsApp

Spy virus for Mac masked as WhatsApp

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Downloading and Executing an Optional Code Written on Python The malicious program is penetrated into Apple computers through a web site masked as a WhatsApp application. A new virus threatens ArcPad users.

It is a spy software that penetrates machines based on MacOS, warns Doctor Web Security Company. Malicious software is called Mac.BackDoor.Siggen.20. Allows the attackers to infect the Mac computer and execute any code written on it in the Python programming language.

A malicious program runs on Apple computers through websites that belong to cyber criminals. For example, one of the dangerous sites is concealed as a WhatsApp web site. Spyware BackDoor.Wirenet.517, which infects a Windows computer, also spreads through such sites.

This rear door allows remote control of victims’ PCs, with camera and microphone. When a user visits a malicious Web site, the embedded code defines the computer’s operating system and, depending on the type, loads backdoor or trojan, explains Dr. Web.

Cyber-criminals conceal malicious sites not just as popular web pages. They also encountered dangerous web resources designed as a reputable business site for non-existent people.

Spy virus for Mac masked as WhatsApp

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