South Korea plans to replace Windows 7 with Linux

South Korea plans to replace Windows 7 with Linux

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South Korea’s Open GC Implementation is Expected in State-Owned PCs The Government of South Korea examines the security of Linux with the idea to implement it on all its computers.

All computers using South Korean government will work under Linux operating system for immediate used by the Windows system, the Korea Herald states, referring to a statement by the Ministry of Interior of the country.

Initial tests with Linux computers will take place within the ministry. If security issues are not detected, the platform will become increasingly widespread in state systems. The solution was taken against fear of high costs of Windows support.

The free technical support from Microsoft for the version currently in use 7 ends in January 2020. According to estimates, the transition to Linux and the purchase of new computers will cost $ 780 billion ($ 655 million).

However, in front of Linux there is a huge deal to enter the government computer. This primarily concerns the security of the operating system, as well as compatibility with Web sites and applications developed for Windows.

The South Korean government hopes that by introducing an open source platform will significantly reduce the cost of servicing IT infrastructure. In addition, the government will avoid dependency on the operating system.

South Korea plans to replace Windows 7 with Linux

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