Sony will reduce the number of smartphone staff by 2020

Sony will reduce the number of smartphone staff by 2020

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Sony is a popular manufacturer that we owe to innovative Xperia Play devices. However, it is a fact that the company faces serious problems in the smartphone market due to the impressive competition in this segment.

That’s why Sony’s mobile division does not work independently but is part of the electronics and solutions department. The data from the financial results of the Japanese brand best illustrate the situation and the problems that affect their weak sales.

The company currently generates less than 1% of global smartphone sales, which certainly does not meet the Sony brand’s ambitions. Still unpleasant is that the Japanese manufacturer has made only 6.5 million deliveries of Xperia devices in the fiscal year 2018, which is two times less than the results of the previous year. According to Nikkei, this figure represents one-sixth of Sony’s mobile phone sales five years ago.

All this means that Sony will record the operating loss in this niche for the third consecutive year. The company will focus primarily on the European market and the East Asian countries to generate revenue.

However, unsatisfactory performance will result in the release of 50% of employees in the mobile division, who currently make up around 4,000 people. This will happen by March 2020. and is part of Sony’s major mobile reorganization plan and reduces costs accordingly.

Sony will reduce the number of smartphone staff by 2020

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