Sony PlayStation Store will pay us if we wrongly order a game

Sony PlayStation Store will pay us if we wrongly order a game

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Sony officially confirmed that they are launching a new change in the PlayStation Store, which will surely appeal to several consumers. The company will provide a tool that will allow you to return the games you have already ordered, but have lost interest in them.

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In this way, if you cancel your titles, Sony will return the amount you pay. This will be possible until the day of the premiere of the game if you have placed an order more than 14 days before.


It’s good to know that if you make the order less than two weeks before the premiere, you will need to wait another 14 days to get the money. Despite this limitation, we can be pleased with Sony’s desire to integrate such a feature into the PlayStation Store.

The next thing that’s important to notice is that you have not yet downloaded or streamed the game to your console, says Engadget.

The amount will be refunded directly to your digital wallet that you use to purchase in the PlayStation online store. The company also promised to return the money to any user who plunged into the defective content of the PlayStation Store.

Interestingly, there is no information about what the definition of such titles is. The next time you order a game, it’s good to know that there is a way to recover the amount invested if you change your mind.

Sony PlayStation Store will pay us if we wrongly order a game

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