Sony PlayStation 5 with AMD Ryzen 3600G will cost $399

Sony PlayStation 5 with AMD Ryzen 3600G will cost $399

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We’ve already informed you that the Sony PlayStation 5 will have an eight core processor, SSD, and will support 8K resolution. The company revealed some details of its long-awaited device to satisfy consumer curiosity.

It seems that Sony will re-partner with AMD in the development of a modified processor with their Navi graphics technology. Data on the Internet has been revealed, which illuminates the potential price at which the console will be sold on the market.

Analysts from the marketing firm Pelham Smithers Associates, who closely monitor the goods market in Japan and are seriously concerned about the games, say the PS5 will cost $ 399. Their calculation is based on the CPU that is likely to use the console.

This is AMD Ryzen 3600G, which has not yet been officially introduced, which will happen later this year, says TomsHardware. The cost of the architecture will be $ 180 – $ 220.

If their predictions are reliable, this means that the CPU will generate half the cost of creating a Sony PS5. On the other hand, the price of 399 dollars is not surprising since the PlayStation 4 Pro was also sold for the same amount after the premiere of the market.

At this stage, we do not have information on the specific technical specifications of AMD Ryzen 3600G and how powerful, in fact, the console will be, which will have a difficult task of inheriting the PS4.

Sony PlayStation 5 with AMD Ryzen 3600G will cost $399

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