Sony is developing a smartphone with six rear cameras

Sony is developing a smartphone with six rear cameras

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Android smartphones now have triple rear cameras and this is another of the industry’s most popular trends. We have already seen numerous models of leading manufacturers that combine a basic lens, along with telephoto and ultra-wide sensors.

Thanks to them, users have even more attractive opportunities to capture the exciting moments around them. Sony started working on an interesting new concept.

The Japanese manufacturer plans to surpass its competitors in the mobile industry with the premiere of a smartphone that has six rear cameras. The device in question also has two voicemail cameras and video calls in the front.

The information was posted on Twitter by popular typist Max J. He claims that Sony is already testing the prototype of such a smartphone, but the entire project is still in its initial phase, says Pocket-Lint.

That’s why we still do not know which other technical specifications will make this model look like. The premiere of a smartphone with six rear cameras will definitely appeal to many people and could change the idea of ​​mobile photography.

In conclusion, we notice that Sony has always had the reputation of a producer who creates the best cameras in the world and this fact makes this idea even more attractive and interesting.

Sony is developing a smartphone with six rear cameras

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