Breaking news: Wapka Admin officially announced the shutting down of Wapka Host

Not quite long, Wapka admin officially announced the shutting down of Wapka Host. (What a breaking News).

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At first , When i saw a post on my Facebook friend timeline about the shutting down of Wapka i was not too sure. it was like a dream i could not just believe so i needed to confirm from a more reliable source.

Immediately opened a new tab from my phone browser and typed in Wapka.Com which is the original URL and the official page. (I wanted to login my Wapka account).

Even before typing in my Wapka Login Details ,i immediately sighted the Notification Wapka to be Shut down so i clicked on the link to be sure am not dreaming.and below is the announcement right from their official page.

The Shutting down of Wapka

Dear wapmasters, Because unable to afford expensive server costs, we are really sad to inform you that we are planning to shut down WAPKA service.

We will reserve some days to let you back up and export your data. The date is arranged like this, FM/CM/VM uploading service will be shut down on 15th Sept, the entire service will be shut down on 15th Nov.

Please note that the data will be deleted permanently after the service shut down, you will be unable to sign in Passport as well. So please sure to handle the data properly before the end time coming. We are appreciated all the effort you paid in WAPKA.

Thanks for your brilliant creations. Thanks for your whole supports. Because of you along the way, we can be so wonderful. Lasting bless you. If any questions and problems, please feel free to contact us via email

After reading all of the above , i almost shed tears not because am still using Wapka but because of the old times memory of how i utilized ,the giant WAP builder and how it become an eye opening opportunity to what i am today.

Am a blogger today “it all started from Wapka” and i will forever live to remember Wapka site builder perhaps tell the story to my children in time to come or even make a document on Wapka memories.

Wapka Admin Has made his decision which will affect lots of Wapkans who has only relied on Wapka to be all in all. Especially to the Indians and Bangladeshs because i have noticed how dedicated they’re to using Wapka the giant Free WAP Building Host

My Advice about the shutting down of Wapka

  • The fact that Wapka is shutting down today does not mean you can no longer make it as a blogger
  • The shutting down of Wapka should not kill your dream of being a blogger

It’s just a life Challenge you should Face.

This ones happened to me in a web hosting were i hosted my Website. After creating tones of relevant Articles and building my Fans, I woke up one day to see everything gone without even getting my backup file.

I was so determined to be a blogger , so i never laid complains, instead i started afresh because i understood the fact that life is just a challenge we must face.

Take this as a challenge and Start afresh like i did then and you will never regret it.

If you’re new to other hosts , I will advice you start up a new Blog on otherwise you can start like a Pro using WordPress Blogging Platform.

If you can learn Wapka and Become an expert , am sure you will be a professor in blogger or WordPress because Wapka is far difficult than any other Website builder..

All i can say is: I Miss Wapka free Host.

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  1. I had no idea about this till recently, when I tried visiting my old Music site

    June 28, 2019

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