7 Most powerful Secrets to write SEO articles that rank Googles front page

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Secrets to write SEO Articles:
When you build Your SEO the right way, they will surely come over and over again (New Visitors). but if you build it the wrong way, they might come but may not return.

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Just like we have said earlier in our of our article on how to write Blog Posts worth Reading, that SEO is the best and reliable way to get free traffic even when you work less.

If your Blog SEO isn’t OK, am afraid you may have to work to death. applying other ways to get free targeted traffic without Google.

Can that really solve the problem to successful Blogging?

NO, NO, No No –

SEO, is One among key to successful blogging if not the most important to every blogger who must succeed, and this is the main reason we keep pointing and writing about SEO as a means to grow your blog traffic daily on this Blog.

Personally, I do write More than (20 SEO articles monthly) To my clients who understood better the power of SEO over blogging. You can also apply for my SEO articles on by contacting me.

I hate to see my Blog readers suffer for not getting organic traffic. In this article, i will share with you some secrets to write SEO article and every successful blogger and SEO article writers do practice them.

7 Secrets to write SEO articles

The need of the below SEO articles Secrets, cannot be transmuted and transformed with other alternatives as far as writing SEO articles are concerned. Read Further.

  • 1-Get Your Blog Ideas intact:

    You cannot possibly start writing without gathering your blog ideas first.

    As an article writer, You will need to derive your new post idea from your competitors Blog. Then you will have to convert their ideas into more powerful blog posts for your blog readers.

    Or do you think am the first person to write about this article? No no no…I only got the idea from my competitors blog, but i furnished it in a more powerful way far different from what my competitors ve got on their blogs, and that’s why you’ve been enjoying reading it here.

  • 2-Derive a keyword Idea:

    You just got a new idea from your competitors Blog, but i don’t expect you to Target the exact keywords they targeted for the same post because it might be too competitive and overcrowding to rank for.

    So what do you do?

    Whenever i got a new post idea from other Blogs ,e.g How to create a Blogspot site as the main post and the targeted keywords , here is what i do.

    I type in the Targeted Keywords on Google search ( How to create a blogspot site) and then scroll down to to related goog search results, to find other terms that people are using to search for the same topic. but those keywords/terms tends to be less competitive.

    Analyze the desired keywords one after the other using your Keywords research and keyword difficulty tools to find the best keyword out of the list.

    Now you just arrived with a good keyword and a term people are using to search for your competitors Blog posts instead of using their direct keyword (How to create a blogspot site) which may be very competitive.

  • 3-It Must be What Your Audience Cares About:

    deriving idea doesn’t mean you can get even unrelated niche blog post idea to write about on your niche blog.

    You know your audience, You understand them better and you know what they want.

    You won’t expect me to be writing about what Happened to Buhari(the president Nigeria ) right on this blog. That really sucks . . because am writing off niche .

    Even google search engine understood the power of niche blogging, and there is no doubt “google understand it also when you go off niche.” So keep to your niche and write just what your blog visitors wants to read and learn about.

    Stick to writing what add values to your blog readers, This is one among the bestSecrets to write SEO articles which every successful blogger do adhere.

  • 4-Implement Your Keywords Strategically:

    indeed you have gotten lucrative keywords to blog about, but you need to strategically implement those keywords to rank for them.

    I guess you’ve already learnt the best positions to implement your targeted keywords to make them more effective. But if you haven’t, You can read Here.

    Can you now see that getting your Keywords isn’t the end to getting organic traffic? strategic implementation matters alot. You must put your Keywords to work as an SEO article writer.

  • 5-Demn ! ! ! , It’s Just too Short:

    SEO article writers are expected to be good researchers.

    Before you Start writing new blog post? it’s certain you already know about what you want to write.

    But the informations gathered aren’t enough to make our Article SEO friendly, so we do more research to get more information regarding the post idea.

    The more the research you do, the more ideas , and informations you gather.

    Take some time to do your research, and present indept SEO articles Worth reading for your blog readers and for search engines .

    Writing lengthy and informative articles will only make you an expert in your blogging field. Google love it and even your readers loved it as well.

  • 6-Edit Your Work Carefully:

    You can never portray yourself as a professional SEO article writer until you learn to edit your work.

    Don’t feel to be too expert to edit your work. There might be some misspelt words and wrongly used words which might be caught in your readers eyes.

    If possible , after writing your Articles ,give them to some other persons to read and tell you some common areas you need to work on.

    Even when they are not Experts , they might see something you might have skipped during your first edit.

    To me, i usually do a second reading after publishing my article ( and that’s my final edit stage).

    As an SEO article writer, You are not only editing to please your blog readers, but also editing to please your text appearance on search engines like google (which Also read your blog posts just like your readers does.)

  • 7-Become your Own Page Ranking Agent:

    Hitting on the publish button is never the end to writing SEO articles.

    After publishing, you’ve to market your content and that’s where content marketing comes in.

    Copy your post link, Shrink your links or leave them raw, Promote on social medias like Facebook, Twitter , Google+ etc..

    Comment your newly published articles on other websites, Share forum posts connecting your new blog posts. Redit and stumbleupon isn’t exempted.

    Doing this will make you build backlinks around the post which will increase your ranking and earn you more credibility to remain on googles front page.

You just learnt the secrets to write SEO articles

I believe you are not the only one practicing this method. The only people who skip this methods are the new and unsuccessful bloggers.

I just revealed another secret to enhance your writing skills and to help you write articles that will rank on googles front page.

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