Scientists have created an 18-carat gold plastic

Scientists have created an 18-carat gold plastic

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A team of scientists from ETF Zurich implemented an impressive project in the lab that caught our attention. After a series of tests, they managed to create an “extremely light” block of gold, which is 18 degrees.

Most interestingly, they used a rather unusual material, namely plastic. To achieve this effect, specialists at ETF Zurich use a combination of protein fiber and polymer latex, reports

These compounds were used to build a complex matrix in which thin dinosaurs were inserted. The end result is gold that looks and has the same luster as precious metal.

However, the weight has dropped dramatically due to the use of alternative materials. For example, gold’s density is usually 15g / cm3, but scientists at ETC Zurich have finally managed to reduce this value to just 1.7 g / cm3.

Scientists are also surprised to find that they reach the same frequency as conventional gold. According to them, the prototype they create has all the chemical properties of plastic, but it has a metallic luster to real metal.

Possible applications of such a product would be suitable for use in electronic devices, jewelry making and more. The production process of ETF Zurich will be improved.

Scientists have created an 18-carat gold plastic

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