Samsung will build two new plants in India

Samsung will build two new plants in India

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The factories will produce smartphone and battery screens Every year Samsung sells dozens of smartphones in India. India is emerging as an increasingly important market for Samsung. As Xiaomi retires in the first place, the Korean giant continues to sell tens of millions of smartphones in the country every year.

According to EconomTimes, the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer will invest about $ 360 million in two new factories in India, Samsung Display and Samsung SDI India.

The first factory will produce screens for smartphones, and the other – batteries. The Samsung Display project is estimated at $ 217 million, while the Samsung SDI factory will cost $ 130-144 million.

First of all, the production of these two factories will be fully marketed in smartphone markets in India, which is of great importance to Korea’s tech-savvy business, while Apple is less represented there.

Samsung will build two new plants in India

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